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Skin Care ProductsBeautiful skin is healthy, firm, and smooth, with even an skin tone and glowing color. We are born with healthy skin, but time, sun, and environmental assaults take their toll. The skin is a remarkable, living organ with the incredible ability to renew itself from the inside out.  All your skin needs is the right kind of treatment to help it remember how to renew itself.

At Total Eye Care & Cosmetic Laser Centers we will help to develop a skin care program that will restore your skin to its natural beauty. Products found at department store cosmetic counters only focus on skin cleansing, providing surface moisture, and covering up blemishes and imperfections. The only way to reclaim the health of your skin is to reach below the surface and work at a cellular level. We offer medical grade skin care products that are specially developed to result in dramatic changes to your skin in just a short period of time. These highly-effective and concentrated products can only be dispensed by a medical practice.

We offer the following line of products in our office: ZO® Medical, ZO® Skin Health, PCA skin®, Hylunia®, Hymed®, Cosmedix®, Neova®, and NEOCUTIS. These products penetrate below the surface to stimulate cell renewal, improve circulation and help restore your skin’s natural moisture. The results are beautiful and healthy skin. Dr. Lavrich and her aesthetic team will design a system specifically for your skin type and the results you wish to achieve.


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Sun Damage Levittown


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Your Complimentary Skin Consultation

This is your opportunity to discover the many options available to enhance the way you look and start taking care of your skin. Included in the complimentary consultation is a personal, in-depth skin analysis, discussion of your goals, explanation of options, and a recommendation of treatment. Call Total Eye Care and Cosmetic Laser Centers today to schedule your skin evaluation at 215-943-7800 or click here to make appointment.