Eye Muscle Surgery

Strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) is a common condition, especially in childhood, and occurs in about 1 in every 4 children. Early detection and treatment of strabismus is essential to prevent permanent visual impairment. If strabismus is detected, corrective treatment can sometimes be attained by nonsurgical methods, occlusion therapy, patching, and prescription eyeglasses. However, if these methods fail to properly align the eyes, eye muscle surgery may be recommended.strabismus surgery hypertrophia

Although the strabismus surgeon in practice uses a wide variety of surgical techniques to correct strabismus, the most common procedures are weakening or strengthening of the action of the muscle. Depending on the magnitude of the eye deviation, the procedure may be performed on one or both eyes, which keeps the movements of the eyes as normal as possible. Strabismus surgery is generally effective in correcting ocular misalignment, especially when it is performed early enough to allow the brain to use the eyes together and develop 3-dimensional vision.

While the idea of eye muscle surgery can be alarming to some parents, both the procedure and the recovery time are relatively quick. Of children with strabismus, 30% - 50% will develop secondary visual loss, or amblyopia, if it goes untreated. Restoration of proper alignment of the eyes must occur at an early stage of visual development to allow children the chance to develop normal binocular vision.

Our experienced strabismus surgeon, Dr. Judith Lavrich, will evaluate your child's ocular mobility and work with you to achieve the best vision and ocular alignment possible.