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The Power of Strabismus Surgery

6-year old Ethan was born with Strabismus. Since then has has undergone 3 surgeries. Once his parents found Dr. Lavrich through a friend referral, they knew they were in the right place. Take a walk through Ethan’s Journey in the video below.

Strabismus, or misalignment of the eyes, is a common condition encountered in 4% of the US population. Early detection and treatment of strabismus are essential to prevent permanent visual impairment in children. In adults misalignment of the eyes can indicate a serious medical condition.

The most common type of strabismus is esotropia or an inward turning of the eye. This typically occurs around age 2 to 3 when a child is learning to focus. Many times this can be corrected with glasses, but in other cases, surgical correction may be needed.

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