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“After contacts for 20 years and glasses for 25, lasik has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It has been fantastic not needing my glasses, or bringing supplies for contacts everywhere I go. After surgery with Dr. Stein, I would recommend this procedure to anyone.”


“It has been 1 week since I had my lasik surgery done, and this past week has been awesome… I keep waking up thinking ‘darn I forgot to take my contacts out again!’ It is wonderful to wake up and actually see the clock. I love being able to see! I am so grateful I had this opportunity to get this done especially so young, so that I can enjoy it longer. This is an amazing surgery that shocks me to think it is possible to correct vision. It changed my life and I am so excited about my new vision.”


“The staff was really nice and friendly. I went on a very busy day, but they made sure everybody had fair attention. For the actual procedure, Dr. Stein told me every step that was happening since I was very nervous. After you do the first eye, the second eye is easier.”


“After my laser vision correction all of my daily vision/eye problems were gone! I no longer needed to fuss with my contacts on a daily basis. I no longer have dry-eye problems while working. My life has essentially been completely carefree in regard to my eyes because of the procedure.”


“People always seem to be a little hesitant when it comes to their eyesight, but after experiencing the LASIK procedure it was the best result I could ever expect! I wore contact lenses for 30 years. Now, I am released from all the irritations of their effects on my eyes. I highly recommend the LASIK procedure; it was fast and clean, with no loss of vision at any time!”


“The procedure was painless. I woke up the next morning to see clear for the first time since kindergarten. It is amazing the difference when you’ve only been blurry your whole life. Everyone should have this done!”


“I am so thrilled with the LASIK experience that I had. Pam, Dr. Stein and Dr. Nicholson were great – very patient, thorough and very warm. I can’t say enough about this procedure. I am no longer dependant on contacts and glasses, and for that I will be forever grateful to Total Eye Care. I am singing your praises to all of my friends – 3 of which are scheduled to have the procedure this week. Thanks again!”


“I am quite pleased with the outcome of my LASIK procedure and your professional staff that has assisted me in the experience. My improved vision is invaluable to me and will be a positive asset throughout my life. Thanks again and I will recommend the LASIK procedure to all my friends and associates.”


“I think getting laser eye surgery was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The whole experience was a bit overwhelming but the doctors and Pam took great care of me. They prepared me and answered all of my questions. My life is so much better after LASIK. I have less worries and no more irritation and am a very happy person!”


“Great when having to travel – I don’t have to pack contact solutions and glasses anymore. I don’t have to worry about putting contacts on in the morning; a real time saver.”


“The experience has been a positive one. I was very nervous about the procedure and was amazed at how quick and painless it was. Dr. Stein and the office staff were very supportive and made me feel calm and assured that everything would go smoothly. My initial afternoon headaches have gone away and I found a pair of reading glasses I am comfortable with for the time being.”


“In the beginning, I was one of the many people who thought that having an option of wearing contact lenses, as opposed to glasses, would be a blessing. What I found through the years was that my contacts were causing numerous irritations to my eyes and glasses were weighing heavily on my face and kept me from an active lifestyle. It felt like a constant struggle. My previous optometrist kept telling me that I was unable to have LASIK due to my prescription restrictions, so I kept tolerating the issue with my contacts for years. I stumbled into Total Eye Care Centers in hopes of finding alternatives to irritating contacts and heavy glasses. What I found was a miracle, offered by a company of miracle workers! Total Eye Care was able to work with me and make my Custom LASIK experience the best thing that has ever happened to me, up to this point in my life! Within one week of my procedure, I am honestly seeing 20/15 to 20/10 clarity—better than my glasses or contacts would/could have ever accomplished. To Dr. Stein, Pam, and the rest of the Total Eye Care team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back! Thank you for the miracle – everything has changed!”


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