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Contact Lens Myths, Busted!

Are you sick of constantly wearing glasses but are feeling hesitant about contact lenses? Have you heard certain things about contact lenses you’re not sure are true? Let us bust those myths for you!

Myth #1: Only young people can wear contact lenses

Said no one, ever! With all of the advanced technology such as multifocal contact lenses and options for dry eye, many people who were not once candidates for contact lenses now are. Check with your doctor to see if contact lenses are the best option for you!

Myth #2: Contact lenses will scratch your eye

With the proper instructions, and by following your contact lens schedule, this is very unlikely to occur.

Myth #3: Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Contact lenses are designed for not only function, but also comfort. Present day, lenses are breathable, thin, and you can’t even feel them in your eye!

Myth #4: Contact lenses are another thing I am going to misplace

There are actually lenses that are disposable, and you may simply throw them out are just one use. If you want ones that can be used more than once, that is an option as well!

Myth #5: Contact lenses can get stuck behind my eye

This isn’t possible due to a thin membrane that covers the white of the eye. Even if the lens is out of place, it cannot get behind the eye.

Myth #6: I can’t wear makeup when I’m wearing contact lenses

You actually can wear makeup when wearing contacts, but it is recommended to apply the makeup after putting in the lens.

Myth #7: I have astigmatism so I can’t wear contact lenses

There are a variety of contact lenses that are great for patients who have astigmatism but still don’t want the hassle of wearing glasses.

Myth #8: Contact lenses are more expensive than glasses

At Total Eye Care Centers, we will help you find affordable and functional contact lenses that best fit your individual needs! Call us today at 215-968-5000 to book your appointment today.


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