Vision Therapy/ Orthoptic Therapy

Vision Therapy Pennsylvania Does your child suffer from eyestrain, headaches, or double vision?  Does he/she avoid near work or seem to have difficulty with learning and reading?  You or your child’s vision problems may not be solved with just a pair of glasses.  The problem may lie in the relationship of how your eyes work together and if so, vision therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for!  Vision therapy is most successful in correcting convergence insufficiency, a condition in which the eyes have difficulty “crossing” to see a near target. All patients with reading problems should have a comprehensive eye exam to check for this condition and other problems with eye misalignment.

Many children with convergence insufficiency are misdiagnosed by teachers or pediatricians and are labeled with reading disorders and/or attention deficit disorders.  By correcting the abnormal coordination of they eyes with vision therapy, many children will improve reading ability and attention span.  Vision therapy is also useful in correcting many cases of intermittent strabismus, a disorder in which one or both eyes occasionally turns either out or in.  In addition, some accommodative (focusing) problems can also be treated with vision therapy.

These conditions can be diagnosed during a full routine eye exam with one of our doctors. At Total Eye Care, our doctors will assess the need for glasses and the overall health of the eyes as well as the alignment and focusing ability of you or your child’s eyes.  If the doctor feels your symptoms are related to an eye muscle or focusing problem, vision therapy may be recommended.

Click here to read Dr. Lavrich's published article "Convergence insufficiency and it's current treatment." (2010).

Vision therapy involves teaching various exercises to improve the brain’s ability to align the eyes, while increasing the brain’s ability to focus the eyes. The exercises stimulate the binocular and accommodative systems of our visual pathway to work harder together and overcome the focusing issues that can cause discomfort.  By using the natural reflexes in the brain, vision therapy is similar to physical therapy and strengthens the coordination between the brain and eyes allowing them to function better together.

Vision therapy and eye muscle exercises can be very effective at treating symptoms. The exercises our doctors create for your specific plan are completed over a few months time. Many patients notice a decrease in symptoms in less than three months and are able to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle after only a few training sessions.