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Have you been told there is no treatment for the floaters in your eyes? Are you bothered by spiderwebs or clouds blocking your vision? Virtually every person has experienced or will experience floaters in their lifetime. For most, this goes away, but for some, they can last until treated and can be a disabling condition. Now, there is a NEW treatment that can solve these problems.

Flashes and floaters become more and more common as we age, so it is important to know what causes them and what symptoms to look out for. Read more about the different types of floaters here.

The YAG Floater Ablation treatment is a newer procedure that uses a laser to disintegrate the floater. It is quicker, less costly and safer than the older alternative, a victrectomy. It is effective in 92% of cases and it does not involve surgically entering the eye. 



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Dr. Stein Makes the News!

Dr. Stein was recently interviewed by NJTV News on the latest in LASIK laser vision technology. Click on the video below to see the full segment. This is a great insight for those who have been thinking about LASIK but are nervous or apprehensive.  The link to the full article titled "Lasik, an Alternative to Glasses, Contacts" can be found here.

NJTV News Dr. Harmon Stein

Dr. Johnson Invited as Guest Speaker at Career Day

Dr. Louisa Gaiter Johnson was invited to be a guest speaker at Delaware Valley Charter High School's annual Career Day for the 3rd year in a row! A special thank you to the students and teachers for making this such a great day!

Career Day DVCHS

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