Cornea Services

Keratoconus Bucks CountyKeratoconus is an inherited condition that affects the cornea, or clear front surface of the eye. Over a period of time, the normally round shape of the cornea begins to progressively thin and bulge in a cone-like manner. The result of keratoconus on the eye is a blurring of vision, which is not easily corrected with a glasses prescription.

As the condition progresses, many patients are fit with rigid or specialty contact lenses by one of our contact lens specialists. These specialty lenses provide many patients with clearer vision than is possible with glasses or regular contacts. The process of fitting specialty lenses on the keratoconic patient can be a difficult one and may require many return visits to fine tune the prescription.

The Doctors at Total Eye Care Centers have extensive experience successfully fitting contact lenses on patients with keratoconus. Using corneal topography and ultrasound pachymetry, an educated, correct diagnosis can be made. Our office brings state-of-the-art technology right into the treatment of keratoconus using the latest lenses and materials available for patients with this condition. We will work with you to achieve your best optical correction to maximize your vision.

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