LASIK Alternatives

The PRK Procedure

Some patients are not good candidates for LASIK due to certain eye conditions or because their corneas that are too thin to allow the surgeon to create the corneal flap which is required in the LASIK process. For these patients, Dr. Stein may recommend an alternative laser eye treatment known as PRK (photorefractive keratectomy). During PRK, instead of using a laser to create the corneal flap, Dr. Stein will brush away the thin protective layer of tissue. He then uses an ultraviolet light beam to remove tissue from the cornea in order to reshape it and correct the patient’s vision errors.

Lasik Alternative Video

Although the procedure itself is painless, PRK generally involves more discomfort that LASIK, and recovery time tends to be a bit longer. However, the outcome of PRK is similar to that of LASIK: the patient’s vision is usually better than 20/20 after surgery. For PRK candidates, we recommend opting for our bladeless,"all laser" LASIK treatment, which will allow the doctor to utilize the latest technology using a femtosecond laser, thereby eliminating the need to create a corneal flap, substantially decreasing discomfort, and allowing patients to have a much quicker recovery time.

The Visian ICL™

Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL) Pennsylvania Patients who previously were not a candidate for LASIK now have the option for Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL) to help improve their vision. Total Eye Care Centers performs the ICL procedure using the FDA approved Visian ICL®. The ICL is inserted during a surgical procedure in which a contact lens is placed inside the patient's eye, thus decreasing their dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

The Visian ICL Pennsylvania Visian ICL® works best for patients who have thin corneas or prescriptions that reduce them to wearing thick glasses, eliminating their candidacy for a LASIK procedure because of the risks involved. The Visian ICL® has a major advantage over the Veriseye since a much smaller incision is needed to insert the contact lens. The smaller incision eliminates the need for sutures. The Doctors of Total Eye Care Centers offer the Visian ICL® as a strong alternative for patients who are extremely nearsighted, extremely farsighted, and those suffering from other conditions.

The ICL procedure is a simple outpatient procedure that is performed right at the office. The doctor will make a small incision in the cornea and inserts the foldable lens between the iris and the natural crystalline lens. The procedure only lasts about 15 to 30 minutes for each eye and only requires topical anesthesia (numbing eye drops). Vision is normally restored within a few hour following the surgery

Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL) PA

The placement of the Visian ICL® makes it invisible to the patient and to other trying to see the ICL. Another benefit to the Visian ICL® is that it avoids contact with other eye structures, providing safety, stability, comfort, and predictable outcomes. Once in place, the lens stays in place indefinitely and should require no maintenance.