Custom LASIK


CustomCornea Wavefront Platform PennsylvaniaFor more than 20 years, patients around the world have been enjoying the freedom of life without the dependence on glasses or contacts, thanks to Laser Vision Correction. Over the past few years, great strides have been made in making LASIK even more precise than once imagined. With the use of custom-guided, wave-front technology, Dr. Stein and the team at Total Eye Care & Cosmetic Laser Centers have been able to improve patient's vision often beyond the traditional 'perfect 20/20.'

To simply say vision correction is nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatism, is like saying music is simply bass, treble, and volume. There are nuances within the visual system that the best measured glasses or contacts cannot correct. Specific to each individual, these 'higher order aberrations' are corneal irregularities that affect the sharpness of vision, especially during nighttime driving.

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Using state-of-the-art technology called the Wavelight® ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Laser platform, Dr. Stein is able to create a completely-customized treatment, taking into account your unique visual needs ensuring you receive the best results. This customized treatment can decrease aberrations such as glare and halos especially noted during nighttime driving.

'Sometimes patients can complain about vision quality problems such as not being able to see in dim or low light. This is referred to as poor contrast sensitivity,' according to Roger Steinert M.D. Associate Professor of Ophthalmology Harvard Medical School. In further agreement, according to a U.S. Navy study in 2004, patients with custom LASIK achieved better nighttime vision than those who were treated with traditional LASIK. We can now measure and correct many higher order aberrations that can affect contrast sensitivity. Many of our custom LASIK patients express improved nighttime vision after the procedure.

Custom Cornea PennsylvaniaAlthough the opportunity for high definition vision may seem like the best option for every refractive surgery patient, traditional LASIK will always remain a treatment option. Not every patient is a candidate for Custom Laser Vision Correction. The health, shape, and thickness of your cornea are all factors that our doctors may discuss with you that could influence whether Custom LASIK is your best treatment option. We encourage you to schedule a Free LASIK consult today with a member of our LASIK team to discuss your best plan to maximize your personal visual outcome.